Homebodies Series

WORKOUT 03.30 + attitude check!

Mondays are all about attitude. It’s the best time to look ahead to the week in front of you and decide what you want to make of it.

Whether you have a lot on your plate or you’re finding yourself with more downtime, now is the best time to decide what your priorities are and what you want to accomplish in the week ahead. Keep your focus strong and your visions clear. Every day is an opportunity.

Here are your new homebody opportunities we’ve lined up today:

ALL CORE with Ken S.
Equipment needed: thick blanket

VINYASA with Ronn V. 
Equipment needed: mat


Equipment needed: case of water or dumbbells. Follow the short video with Sam to learn the moves.

  • Deadlifts 12x
  • Power Clean Press 12x
  • Side Loaded Squats 10x each side
  • Romanian Deadlift 12x
  • Alternating Romanian Deadlift 12x
  • Back Rows 12-15x
  • Bicep Curls 12-15x
  • Bicep Curl + Press 10x
  • Drag + Push 1 min
  • Drag Side to Side 1 min
  • Dead Bug Press 12x
  • Tricep Extension 10x
  • Alternating Knee Tuck 10x
  • Sit Ups 10x
  • Seated Shoulder Press 10x
  • Offset Push-ups 20x
  • Power Clean + Press 10x
  • Repeat 2 rounds total


Loosen things up with this awesome stretch routine you can do on any staircase and banister from your coach, May Lee-Johnson!


With all our support,
♥ The Studiomix Team


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