Homebodies Series

WORKOUT 03.28 + hello from Susanna!

Today we’ve got a special video message from your coach, Susanna Kalnes. We’re eager to get back to the club and here for you in the meantime. Don’t let your fitness slip! More homebody workouts for you to try below:


BARRE MIX with Nina D.
Equipment needed: mat, barre or chair

UPPER BODY with Susanna K.
Equipment needed: mat, 2 dumbbells or weights


At home workout wtih Sam N.
Four core workouts in one. Choose a prop and do the exercises as listed below or do all four! Watch the short video with Sam to learn the moves.

Foam Roller:
10-20 Leg lifts
10-20 Body Saw
1 min Plank Toe Taps
10-20 Side Knee Tucks
1 min Down, Down, Up, Up
10-20 Table Top Sit Ups

Soup Cans:
1 min Can Drag
1 min Touch the Can
10-20 1/2 Turkish Getup
1 min Toss and Catch
10-20 V-Sit Circles
10-20 Bicycle Figure 8’s

1 min Russian Twist
10-20 Sit up with Press
10-20 Under and Over

10-20 Knee Tucks or Pikes
1 min Sweep R/L Knee
1 min Zombie Crawl


“I enjoy life when things are happening. I don’t care if it’s good things or bad things. That means you’re alive!” – A little perspective from the late Joan Rivers


Happy weekend, homebodies!
♥ The Studiomix Team

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