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WORKOUT 03.24 + the healthiest emotion

As we head into the 2nd week of working out at home, we wanted to focus a little on gratitude, the healthiest of all emotions.

Given the irregularities of these weeks, it’s really easy to find ourselves focusing on the additional stresses or worries. One of the best (and healthiest) things we can do is remind ourselves of all that we still have and are grateful for. In addition to your health and wellbeing, try to take time to reflect on the things that you appreciate or, in some cases, take for granted in the pace of our normal lives. This way we can utilize this time as an opportunity to lay the kind of foundation we want to have when things return to normal.

We at Studiomix are definitely grateful for you and your support in these uncertain times. It truly means so much to stay connected with you through the current challenges we all face.

And with without further ado… here are your homebody workout options for today:

ABS + GLUTES with Susanna K.
Equipment needed: mat

Equipment needed: mat, 2 small weights or soup cans


Perform 5-8 sets of each exercise in order, rest as needed between sets.


Finding Steadiness and Ease by Rachel G.
We are rhythmic beings. Cyclical beings. We move in rhythms and cycles just like all things in nature. In yoga we see all life and energy as having Prakriti, a true nature; a true creative movement and balance within our rhythmic cycles… READ MORE


With tons of gratitude,
♥ The Studiomix Team

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