Homebodies Series

WORKOUT 03.19 – keep it goin’

We’re back for day three of the Homebodies Series!

Descending reps from 10 to 1, rest as necessary


We’ve been safely filming workouts for you and more to come on those tomorrow! For now here are the online fitness options Katy (and Strom) have collected for you today…

Who: Julie Aron of Julie’s Dance Fitness
What: Zumba
When: Friday, March 20 at 10am PST
How much: free
Details: Facebook Live

Who: Erin Wimert
What: 20+ barre/yoga/yoga nidra videos
When: anytime
How much: free, donations possible
Details: Erin’s YouTube Channel

Who: Hans Meyer
What: downloadable strength programs
When: anytime
How much: $45-$170
Details: Nordic Strength & Conditioning

UPDATE: Workout Daily app is now being offered for free!

Reliable websites to stay up to date with COVID-19:


Stay healthy, you homebodies!
♥ The Studiomix Team

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