Homebodies Series

WORKOUT 03.18 and more!

It’s day two of the Homebodies Series: thoughtfully designed workouts you can do anywhere with limited space and zero equipment. All you need is your favorite workout outfit, your trusty water bottle, and your can-do attitude. Now, crank those workout tunes and let’s get it on!

Set a timer for 12-20 minutes. Work through the movements in order at the top of each minute for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds.


Katy has been busy compiling more resources and here’s what we found for you today…

Who: Dr. Scott Mills
What: library of most commonly prescribed drills for healthy movement & at home workouts featuring minimal equipment
When: anytime
How much: free
Details: Dr. Scott’s YouTubeInstagram

Who: Nate Zwierzyna
What: basic bodyweight home workout
When: anytime
How much: free
Details: Nate’s Facebook page

Who: Cassandra Elizabeth
What: Home Fit (bodyweight movement, some “yoga”, breathing & meditation)
When: Thursday, Mar 19 at 9am
How much: donation
Details: Facebook Live

Who: Workout Daily
What: fitness videos texted daily to your phone
When: anytime
How much: less than $1 a day
Details: Workout Daily website

Reliable websites to stay up to date with COVID-19:


Stay active and be well. We miss you already!
♥ The Studiomix Team

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