Our bootcamps take the latest fitness methods and exercises and combine them for fast-paced classes that burn fat, build strength, and are sure to make you sweat! Classes constantly evolve to meet the needs of our members so count on all of the instruction you need for great form and progression without the pressure of a drill sergent.With so much to do and see in San Francisco, it’s no wonder our members want a class they can jump into and get results-fast! Fat loss, strength gains, and a revitalization of the energy it takes to be you are just a few things to expect out of our bootcamps. Not your typical hodgepodge of situps and shouting, Bootcamp at STUDIOMIX will get you in shape for your favorite pants. Even if they’re camo.

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Stick. Jab. Move. Repeat. Learn a little one-two or find the eye of the tiger. Whatever you’re into.

Our coaches begin with stance and swift movement. Once your dukes are prepped, you’ll train against heavy bags and a partner’s focus mitts. If you’d like, train to spar or even compete. Enjoy what’s perhaps man’s earliest sport- however you’d like. Read More »

Core Workouts

SF Core Workouts strengthen the center of your body, where the energy and power of the body is generated and revitalized. Essential to the functioning of your entire body, the core muscles also support and stabilize the spine. Increasing the strength of the core also helps relieve and prevent back pain. Core workouts also help to improve posture, stability, balance and flexibility. Core exercises that you can learn at Studiomix also burn calories, increase the metabolism, and help to build muscle mass. Read More »

Indoor Climbing

Our rock wall pierces through the floors of the building, providing the most challenging way to make your way from the 1st floor into the scenery of our lobby on the 3rd. Our climbing coach will see that you’re prepared to safely explore on your own, or if time permits, add a few floors of climbing to the end of your workout. Another exciting option to really mix it up.

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Indoor Cycling

A few of our indoor cycling options:

 Studio Road Ride

There’s a humming coming from the gleaming chrome wheels of a room with exactly 35 cyclists covering approximately 20 miles of imaginary road in San Francisco. Sprint your way through meticulously chosen hills, valleys and straightaways until you coast through the finish line.

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Russians are believed to have utilized a cannonball-like kettlebell in the 18th century for weight training and ‘strongmen’ competitions. Later, kettlebells were integrated into the training programs of Russian Special Forces. Now they’re used by numerous military forces, elite sports teams and anyone who’d like to, at STUDIOMIX.

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Competitive kickboxing began in the 70’s, when experts in karate began to employ traditional martial arts techniques along with kicks and punches that had been banned from competitions. We don’t really like rules at STUDIOMIX, so kick and punch as you wish.

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MMA Conditioning

San Francisco is home to STUDIOMIX’s interdisciplinary martial arts classes for beginners through to the advanced. By watching, learning, and practicing techniques in Modern Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, and Mauy Thai, you’ll progress faster and constantly be surprised by the richness martial arts add to fitness and health.
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Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial art from the ancient battlefield arts of Thailand. The words ‘Muay Thai’ translate to ‘Thai boxing’ , also known as the ‘science of eight limbs. The eight limbs refer to the ‘weapons’ that are allowed to be used, including each fist, foot, knee and elbow. Muay Thai has gained popularity all over the world, and is an integral part of many mixed martial artists.

Give it a go.

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Personal Training

STUDIOMIX offers integrative personal training for beginners to elite level athletes. If you’re looking for a personalized program to help you lose fat, improve performance and generally help you look good in your underpants, our health coaches combine workout experiences in all of our studios to meet your individualized needs.If you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation, go back to the landing page and leave your email with us. We won’t spam you, but we might coach you to your personal best.

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Training with your own body weight is arguably the most motivating and effective way to exercise. Inside our Power Studio you’ll notice a 20′ steel structure S-Frame® several feet above your head. Attaching the TRX® Suspension TrainerTM to that frame, you will soon notice how it feels to rebel against gravity, decompress your spine, and strengthen your muscles head to toe.
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