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Barre classes are great for anyone who is looking to improve their fitness, strength and posture. Not only for dancers, barre exercises provide an athletic workout for the glutes, legs, thighs, arms, abdominal muscles, and many other parts of the body. Also practiced in San Francisco ballet classes, barre exercises provide a multitude of benefits, such as improving core strength and increasing flexibility, and more. Barre classes at Studiomix are terrific for anyone who is determined to lose weight or anyone who just wants to feel better. The term ‘barre’ can refer to exercises, and also to the handrail that is used for the exercises. Conditioning using the barre burns calories and releases endorphins. An important aspect of SF dance classes, barre exercises also help to improve balance and equilibrium. Read More »


Our bootcamps take the latest fitness methods and exercises and combine them for fast-paced classes that burn fat, build strength, and are sure to make you sweat! Classes constantly evolve to meet the needs of our members so count on all of the instruction you need for great form and progression without the pressure of a drill sergent.With so much to do and see in San Francisco, it’s no wonder our members want a class they can jump into and get results-fast! Fat loss, strength gains, and a revitalization of the energy it takes to be you are just a few things to expect out of our bootcamps. Not your typical hodgepodge of situps and shouting, Bootcamp at STUDIOMIX will get you in shape for your favorite pants. Even if they’re camo.

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It turns out cranking that soulja’ boy happens to be good for scapular-humeral rhythm and “the stinky leg” happens to encourage hip mobility. Learn to pop, lock, and get a mean workout while you’re at it.

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