Training with your own body weight is arguably the most motivating and effective way to exercise. Inside our Power Studio you’ll notice a 20′ steel structure S-Frame® several feet above your head. Attaching the TRX® Suspension TrainerTM to that frame, you will soon notice how it feels to rebel against gravity, decompress your spine, and strengthen your muscles head to toe.

Our TRX® Suspension Training® San Francisco classes use a fitness device that enables the weight of the body to create resistance for exercises. The TRX® Suspension TrainerTM is a very effective piece of equipment for working multiple muscle groups in a short amount of time. People of all fitness levels enjoy TRX® Suspension Training® to build strength, flexibility, lean muscle mass, and for many other benefits. Burning calories and speeding up the metabolism, TRX® classes can help you lose weight.

The nonelastic suspension cable that TRX® Suspension Training® uses requires abdominal stabilizing, while moving your body in different directions in various exercises. The abdominal muscles work with the hips and other muscles, to keep the body aligned and balanced. Consistent TRX® practice can also help you improve your range of motion, build endurance, and much more.

TRX® classes provide a strengthening and aerobic workout with a variety of exercises. TRX® classes can provide a high intensity workout, using interval training and other methods. TRX® Suspension Training® is used by many athletes to help them reach their peak performance in sports such as: football, golf, soccer, mixed martial arts, tennis, and many others. TRX® Suspension Training® is also used in sports medicine, helping athletes recover from injuries and regain their range of motion.

Some examples of exercises you can learn in TRX® classes include:

  • Side Lunges – deeply stretches the spine, hips and legs, helps to improve posture and flexibility.
  • Lunges – strengthens the hips, gluteus maximus, quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • Rows – works the upper back and shoulders, can help to improve posture.
  • Suspended Plank – Works the abdominals, helps to stabilize the spine.

In addition, there are numerous other TRX® exercises that you can do, making it a very dynamic way to get a good workout. At a gym, you can learn to use the equipment with the assistance of an instructor. You will learn how to adjust the height of the straps, to find the precise position that is right for you. A TRX® class will guide you in the steps to avoid injuring or overextending your muscles. You will also learn how to adjust the degree of difficulty and resistance, by changing the angle and positioning of your body.

A former Navy Seal developed TRX® equipment and the TRX® Suspension Training® exercises during the 1990s. Suspension Training® on the TRX® allows you to train at home or when traveling, giving you an effective and fast total body workout almost anywhere. However TRX® classes at a gym with an S-Frame® allow you to utilize a large variety of equipment, such as monkey bars, TRX® Dip Bars, heavy bags, bands, ropes and more. If you are interested in San Francisco TRX® Suspension Training® classes, Studiomix provides the equipment and instruction to help you maximize your workout.

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