Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial art from the ancient battlefield arts of Thailand. The words ‘Muay Thai’ translate to ‘Thai boxing’ , also known as the ‘science of eight limbs. The eight limbs refer to the ‘weapons’ that are allowed to be used, including each fist, foot, knee and elbow. Muay Thai has gained popularity all over the world, and is an integral part of many mixed martial artists.

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Muay Thai boxing in SF is a popular kickboxing class. A self-defense system, as well as a sport, Muay Thai involves attacking and defending against an opponent. Muay Thai uses powerful and fast kicks and punches with the knees and elbows, to weaken and fight the opponent. Muay Thai requires training sessions and consistent practice, in order to achieve the skill level required for sparring. A part of SF mixed martial arts training, you will first develop your technique to an appropriate level, before entering the ring to spar. Beginning Muay Thai Kickboxing San Francisco classes instruct participants in how to use Muay Thai equipment, including a head guard, boxing gloves, groin protectors, and ankle supports. In addition, participants in Muay Thai boxing in SF classes can work on their techniques at advanced levels.

Muay Thai boxing in SF utilizes a greater number of punches and kicks than other styles of kickboxing do, which are designed to slow down the opponent. A fighter is allowed use any part of his leg, elbow or knee to punch and kick an opponent’s head, leg or body. This is different from American kickboxing, in which kicks above the waist are not allowed, and punches must follow more conservative rules. Muay Thai boxing classes San Francisco demonstrate how kicks are delivered in different ways than with American kickboxing, as there are a wider range of strikes, using the knees and elbows. In Muay Thai boxing in SF sparring competitions, fighters will practice the techniques for wearing an opponent down, using repeated hits and kicks.

In classes for Muay Thai boxing in SF, you will learn the names used to refer to moves and body parts. For example, “thoy” means to step back and defend yourself, “chok” means punch, and “tae” means kick. Muay Thai kickboxing San Francisco classes will teach you how to do the Low Roundhouse Kick, to helps develop flexibility and strength. Some of the other important techniques that participants in Muay Thai boxing classes San Francisco will learn about include the Hook, Cobra, Lead Leg Push Kick, Side Elbow, Knee Bomb, Jump Kick, Spinning Heel Kick, and more. In addition, in classes for Muay Thai boxing in SF, you will learn about clinch work, which is a powerful control technique that is employed in competition.

Fighters who want to compete in SF mixed martial arts events can benefit from honing their skill in the techniques used in Muay Thai. Competitors from varying training levels and backgrounds attend classes for Muay Thai boxing in San Francisco, to prepare for SF mixed martial arts competitions. Mixed martial artists seek training in Muay Thai, as well as traditional boxing, wrestling, karate, judo and a number of other sports, in order to be competitive in SF mixed martial arts events.