Competitive kickboxing began in the 70’s, when experts in karate began to employ traditional martial arts techniques along with kicks and punches that had been banned from competitions. We don’t really like rules at STUDIOMIX, so kick and punch as you wish.

San Francisco kickboxing brings together martial arts and boxing, with aerobic exercise. Kickboxing is a terrific exercise for anyone who wants to lose weight, burning hundreds of calories per hour. Kickboxing also effectively releases stress, increases flexibility, and improves balance and coordination. Attending a kickboxing class regularly at Studiomix, San Francisco participants enjoy the boost it provides in their daily energy levels. Consistent practice also strengthens the cardiovascular system. Kickboxing classes give you a full-body workout, building endurance, and increasing overall fitness. Kickboxing classes can improve circulation, and expand the the mind’s capacity for concentration and focus. Frequent kickboxing practice has also been shown to reduce the risk for heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses and conditions. Kickboxing is a great way to improve overall health and well-being.

Kickboxing classes incorporate an aerobic warm-up, a martial arts/boxing session and stretches. A kickboxing workout is fast paced, and provides a variety of exercises that work all of the muscle groups. In a kickboxing class at Studiomix, you can maximize your physical potential. In a San Francisco kickboxing class, you will learn a variety of light resistance body movements, which helps to develop muscle endurance. The kicking and punching that is practiced in class provides continuous stretching for the arms and legs. Frequently used moves, such as lifting the feet while kicking, and swaying from side to side, condition the whole body. These exercises also help to increase the body’s range of motion, loosening stiff joints and stress on connective tissues. The moves that you will learn at a kickboxing class can also be used for self-defense.

By attending San Francisco kickboxing classes at Studiomix, some of the basics that you will learn include:

  • Fight Stance – the primary kickboxing stance, prepares the body to be ready for movement.
  • Boxer’s Shuffle – a basic technique to master before learning kicks or punches.
  • Front Kick – useful for throwing the opponent off balance.
  • Roundhouse Kick – a kick that incorporates rotation of the body.
  • Side Kick – a kick that is thrown to the side, while in the Fight Stance.
  • Spinning Back Kick – often used when an opponent is coming at you.
  • Front High Block – utilized for deflecting an oncoming blow.
  • Jab – a fast punch that keeps the opponent away, and sets them up for further blows.
  • Bob and Weave – a technique to avoid contact from an opponent.
  • Cross – a punch with body rotation, thrown with the rear arm.
  • Hook – a rounded, arching punch.
  • Uppercut Punch – a punch used in close situations, can knock out the opponent with a hit to the chin.
  • Half-hook – combines a wide Jab and Hook, or a Cross and Hook.
  • Half-swing – uses both the Hook and Swing.
  • Flying-punch – a punch that also uses a hop and a kick.

Participants in San Francisco kickboxing classes at Studiomix will have the chance to refine their skill and form with all of the available techniques, while also learning how to gauge their distance for kicks and punches.