Russians are believed to have utilized a cannonball-like kettlebell in the 18th century for weight training and ‘strongmen’ competitions. Later, kettlebells were integrated into the training programs of Russian Special Forces. Now they’re used by numerous military forces, elite sports teams and anyone who’d like to, at STUDIOMIX.

Kettlebell San Francisco classes help participants to sculpt and tone their muscles, build endurance, and shed body fat. Anyone seeking a high intensity, full body workout that offers numerous physical benefits will enjoy using kettlebells with their exercise routine. SF kettlebell workouts at Studiomix strengthen and stretch most of the major muscle groups in the body, through precise, coordinated movements. Widely used for strength training, kettlebells are cast-iron spheres that are made in various sizes and weights. They have a handle on top for lifting, swinging or tossing exercises. Kettlebell exercises in SF classes provide various routines for a cardiovascular workout, maximizing the health benefits for participants. Kettlebell classes also help to boost metabolism, burn calories, tone muscles, and can deliver weight loss results within weeks.

With interval training, kettlebell workouts utilize muscles throughout the body. Exercises that involve lifting and swinging kettlebells also provide a workout for the entire body. In addition, there are targeted exercises that work the muscles in the arms, shoulders, abdomen, back, legs and more. A variety of lifts that focus on strengthening each of these specific areas are incorporated into the kettlebell exercises in SF at Studiomix. Core strength training is also a major benefit of kettlebell routines, as the core maintains the body’s equilibrium and balance during lifting and swinging exercises. Controlled breathing to improve balance and strength is also practiced during workouts. SF kettlebell workouts at Studiomix will give you the instruction and practice that is needed to learn the most efficient ways to utilize kettlebells.

Kettlebell classes will instruct you how to use the proper form to do a variety of different kettlebell exercises. Some examples of exercises that you may learn in class include:

  • Figure 8’s – works the abs, in addition to exercising the hamstrings.
  • Double Kettlebell – works the triceps, quadriceps and calf muscles.
  • Deadlift – a classic kettlebell lift, builds the hips, lower back, and the large muscles in the thighs.
  • Two-Hand Swing – works the muscles in your thighs, hips, upper and lower back, and shoulders.
  • Get-Up – strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles.

Other kettlebell exercises that you can learn at Studiomix include Single Arm Swings, Kettlebell Push-ups, Kettlebell Lunges, Single Arm Rows, and many more. There are also squat exercises that work the abdominals, glutes and hamstrings. Another basic exercise that is practiced in kettlebell classes is called the Overhead Kettlebell Lift, which works the deltoids and triceps. SF kettlebell workouts at Studiomix will teach you everything you need to know in order to use kettlebells correctly during your workouts. Executing these exercises with the proper form is essential, therefore kettlebell exercises are best learned in a class setting, with a professional instructor there to guide you.