Indoor Cycling

A few of our indoor cycling options:

 Studio Road Ride

There’s a humming coming from the gleaming chrome wheels of a room with exactly 35 cyclists covering approximately 20 miles of imaginary road in San Francisco. Sprint your way through meticulously chosen hills, valleys and straightaways until you coast through the finish line.

Studio Cycle Mix

Sweat it out with a challenging ride to motivating music. When we mix it up- so will the pace, and an exciting indoor bike ride with new friends.

Cycle Circuit

Our Cycle Circuit classes supply the speed and intensity you crave combined with a few exciting stops off the bike to strengthen muscles and align the spine.


 Cycling San Francisco classes offer a challenging and fun aerobic workout. Cycling increases muscular endurance, and tones the lower body and leg muscles. Cycling training in SF helps you lose excess weight and burn calories, while improving your overall well being. Depending on your intensity, distance and speed, you can burn about 400 calories in 30 minutes. Gyms in San Francisco provide indoor cycling classes that can help anyone build their endurance and fitness level. Cycling San Francisco classes can also provide a motivating atmosphere, with group support, music, and visualization exercises.

With cycling training in SF, the primary muscles that are exercised are the glutes and quadriceps, which are worked as you push down on the pedals. In addition, the calves are strengthened, as they stabilize the foot while pedaling. Also, indoor cycling bikes at gyms in San Francisco provide toe clips, which can be used to keep your foot locked into position on the pedals. This helps to challenge the hamstrings and hip flexors, because they must work to pull up on the pedal. The arms muscles are also exercised, as they balance the torso on the bike, and support the upper body. During sprints and climbing, the upper body muscles are also challenged, as they must pull away from, and push towards the handlebars as speed and resistance are increased. Therefore muscles throughout the body will get a workout from cycling training in SF.

Indoor cycling San Francisco classes provide options to vary the difficulty by adjusting resistance, and changing pedaling positions and speeds during workouts. At gyms in San Francisco, cycling workouts will incorporate the experience of riding on flat roads and hills.

Climbing hills helps to build endurance and challenge and work the muscles. Cycling San Francisco classes also utilize racing and interval training in the workouts. Interval training involves short bursts of intense cycling, alternated with periods of cycling at a moderate pace. Interval training can involve increasing either pedaling resistance, or speed, for several minutes, at various times throughout your workout. This helps to burn more calories than traditional cycling, because it utilizes both aerobic and anaerobic energy. Cycling San Francisco classes will also include warm up periods, as well as cooling down exercises, at the beginning and ending of the workout sessions.

   At your favorite cycling San Francisco classes, a professional cycling instructor can help you maximize the benefits of cycling. An instructor will also ensure you are cycling safety, helping to identify and correct any errors that you are making in technique or posture. At gyms in San Francisco, cycling instructors also help cyclists decrease their risk of injury, by making sure that each bike is correctly adjusted, to fit each student’s size. Cycling training in SF by a professional instructor will also help you to ensure that you are positioning your body correctly, so that you will not put too much strain on any of your muscles. In addition, San Francisco cycling instructors will train you to determine if you are cycling with the right amount of resistance, which will help to prevent any strain or injury to the knees.