It turns out cranking that soulja’ boy happens to be good for scapular-humeral rhythm and “the stinky leg” happens to encourage hip mobility. Learn to pop, lock, and get a mean workout while you’re at it.

Hip-hop classes in San Francisco are for anyone who is looking for an enjoyable dance workout. Hip-hop exercise is an engaging activity that helps to reduce stress, tension, and chronic fatigue. Learning the moves can also increase overall confidence and self-esteem. Hip-hop dance classes provide a high intensity workout that keeps the body moving, burning calories and improving overall cardiovascular fitness. In addition, hip-hop dance can help lower your blood pressure, and boost your energy. It is not necessary to have prior dance experience in order to take a hip-hop dance exercise class. At Studiomix, San Francisco hip-hop classes help you learn exactly how to break down and simplify the dance moves, making it easy for anyone to keep up. Classes provide an opportunity to learn all of the basic moves, and practice until you are ready to incorporate the more advanced routines. Hip-hop classes incorporate a variety of movements that improve balance and agility, tone the body, and help you to get in shape.

Hip-hop classes work every muscle in the body, with an emphasis on the midsection. The dance features nonstop movements that help strengthen the stomach muscles. Many of the hip-hop style dance moves you can learn at dance classes in San Francisco involve the motion of two or more body parts at the same time. You can also choose specific parts of the body that would like to concentrate on, and practice moves that target those areas. A lot of hip-hop moves utilize a semi-squat position, which firms the buttocks and thighs, and completely works the lower body. Hip-hop classes may also adapt dance choreography moves for a fitness program, in which the moves can be practiced without pauses or changes in pace.

Hip-hop classes offer training in dance moves that involve isolated body movements, which help to develop coordination of the muscles. Many of the dance movements isolate the abdominal muscles, helping dancers to a develop defined, toned muscles. In addition, classes teach how to perform fluid, quick moves, that flow with the music, providing a cardiovascular workout. There are many different levels and styles of hip-hop that you can learn at dance classes in SF. ‘Popping,’ and ‘hip rolling,’ are some examples of basic hip-hip moves that you can learn in hip-hop classes. Popping is a ‘quick punch’ type of dance movement that is performed to the beat of the music. Hip-hop dance also involves shoulder shrugs, knee lifts, hip isolations, hopping and jumping, all which help to build strength and endurance. Mastering the quick, choreographed movements in San Francisco hip-hop classes at Studiomix give dancers more confidence with other dance styles that involve simpler steps.

Hip-hop dancing has been around for more than 30 years. The dance style received widespread attention following the first professional ‘breaking,’ ‘locking,’ and ‘popping’ dance ‘crews’ that emerged during the 1970s. With the progression of hip-hop music, the dance techniques evolved into different forms and styles. Later developments in hip-hop brought ‘new style’ and ‘jazz funk’ styles, which were created by technically adept, professional dancers who have developed choreography for a variety of hip-hop songs.