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Live Virtual Classes Now Available!

Do you need more connection and accountability for your home workouts? We’re excited to announce our new Live Virtual Classes!

Sign-up for Virtual Yoga, HIIT, Barre, Bodyweight Bootcamp, Cardio Boxing, and more. With enough room to move and a good internet connection, you can take your favorite classes right where you are.

Download the Studiomix app or register for class at We’ll email you an access link 30 minutes before the start time (or within 2-3 minutes if you sign-up right before class).

Our Virtual Classes are FREE for members and only $20 for anyone else who wants to jump in. Everyone’s first Virtual Class is FREE, so there is no excuse not to give it a try. Good things come to those who sweat!


Is there a class or time option you’d like to see added to our virtual schedule? Please let us know! We’ll be beefing up the options as we go.

See you on the screen soon,
♥ The Studiomix Team

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Homebodies Series

More Videos + Live Stream!

Today’s actions are tomorrow’s results. Invest your time and energy into the things that make a difference for you.

More new homebody videos below, no equipment needed!

HIIT with Nina D.
This 40 minute high intensity interval training class will use your own bodyweight to spike your heart rate in stages that are timed to produce maximum results.

This format combines medium intensity cardio with barefoot training, functional flexibility, balance, posture, and total body toning in a 45 minute class that will fly by. A dancer’s workout for the non-dancer that will get you burning and sweating in no time!


Live Stream Classes Start this Wednesday!
For more action, connection, and accountability, we’ve added live stream classes to our schedule. We’re starting with just a few to work out the kinks, and we’ll be adding more options very soon so be sure to share your requests.

Download the Studiomix app and sign-up for a virtual class. You’ll need a membership or a $20 virtual class credit to register, and we’ll send the live stream link 30 minutes prior (or within 2-3 minutes if you register right before class starts).


Stay strong and keep moving forward,
♥ The Studiomix Team

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Homebodies Series

Small Steps Forward

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. – Roy T. Bennett

We’ve got more new homebody videos to help lead you in the right direction!

BARRE MIX with Ken 
6 series of movements designed to tone and lengthen your body while focusing on flexibility and muscle integration. Equipment needed: barre (or chair) and 2 hand weights.

Work your way through the upper body with this 20 minute focused strength conditioning class that will get your heart pumping! Equipment needed: 2 dumbbells and a chair.


Live Stream Classes Coming Soon! 
We miss your face and cannot wait any longer 🙂 Hit reply and let us know what classes and time options you’d like to see on our new live stream schedule that we’ll be launching as early as next week.


3 Ways to Build Self Appreciation by Katy
It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others, and sometimes it can make us internalize all the things we wish we could change. If you ever catch yourself feeling like the body you want is always just out of reach, like you’ll never be quite lean, strong, fit, or healthy enough, try these simple, yet effective techniques to build appreciation for yourself.

  1. Focus on impactful daily actions, instead of the end result you expect to see down the road.
  2. Eliminate behavior triggers by identifying places, people or situations that cause you to think you’re not good enough and take a break from them- they aren’t serving you at this point.
  3. Do a social media spring-clean! Adjust your newsfeed and unfollow any accounts that don’t bring you warm fuzzies.


You are awesome and we know it,
♥ The Studiomix Team

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Homebodies Series

HIIT + Honey Flow = Happiness

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Buddha

Be good to yourself and try the new homebody videos below!

HIIT with Ken S.
Grab 2 dumbbells for this 40 minute, high intensity class with 3 sections: cardio, strength, and core work.

HONEY FLOW with Ronn V.
Slow things down with this gentle yoga class combining release-inspired flows with long held relaxing poses intended to reset the body and mind. Equipment needed: blankets/pillows and blocks if you have them.

Watch Hans demo the moves in this short video, then grab some weights and complete 3-4 rounds:
Prying Goblet Squat Stretch – 3x
T-Spine Rotation – 3x each side
Goblet Squats – 10x
Hard Plank – 30 sec hold 2x
Three Point Row – 8x each arm
Pause Squat – 3-5 sec hold 8x
Mountain Climbers – 5x each side
Pushups – 8-12x
Single Leg Deadlift – 5x each leg
Dead Bugs – 5x each side
Chin Ups – rep max


Is your nutrition on track?
Check out these 6 simple, yet powerful guidelines for a concise and realistic approach to eating. READ MORE


Stay happy and healthy,
♥ The Studiomix Team

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Homebodies Series

More New Workouts + Playlists!

It’s time for a check-in. Are you taking care of yourself and doing small things that bring you joy? We sure hope so! Despite the craziness of the world, you deserve to feel good.

Don’t wait for some kind of future when you’re going to have a different situation. Do everything that you can to feel as happy as you can right now. -Gretchen Rubin

Here are your new homebody workouts to help keep you happy and healthy!

No equipment needed for this 60 minute flow focusing on the hips and lower spine release.

Grab 2 dumbbells and a mat for this 30 minute full body strength class.

No equipment needed, watch this short video to learn the moves:

Walkouts 5x
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 15 sec each side
Hard Plank 2x 10 sec
Slow Pushup 5-10 sec up and down 2x
Prisoner Squats 10x
Bulgarian Split Squats 10x each side
Hip Thrust 10x
Renegade Isometric Holds 4x each side
Pull Ups rep max
Repeat for 3-4 rounds


Looking for new workout or yoga tunes? Enjoy these Spotify Playlists compiled by the team!

Ken’s UPBEAT music:
Playlist #1
Playlist #2

Rachel’s CHILL music:
Playlist #1
Playlist #2


Sending you positive vibes,
♥ The Studiomix Team

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