Standing Together for Change

Our words matter.
Our commitments matter.
Our actions matter.

We had a completely different announcement planned for this week, but with the outrageous injustices and inequities of the BIPOC community in our country, we feel it is more important to use our voice to acknowledge George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many other Black people who have needlessly lost their lives due to racist violence and an inequitable justice system. We cannot stand by and let these unconscionable acts continue. We are outraged, and we stand in solidarity with the voices calling out for change.

Right now, many of us are feeling overwhelmed and may not know where to start or help out. We are feeling the same swell of emotions and are looking for ways to press forward and demand a change for the better. We feel that the first step to any real movement is to first, look inward to ourselves and reflect on our own lives. And then, more importantly, to speak out. Saying nothing is any injustice’s most powerful ally and this time, more than ever, is a time to keep the dialogue going and to raise up the voices calling out for real change. Our hope is that through support, in any small way, of a much needed and powerful movement that we can move toward a better place as a society. We care about every human being and when the safety of any one group is in danger, we all need to stand up. In doing that, we will continue to learn, pay attention, grow, and support each other for everyone’s sake.

If you are looking for resources or ways you can contribute to this much needed momentum, we have a few recommendations for places to give support or donations if your heart is calling you to do so.

In love, support, and strength,
Your Studiomix Team

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

American Civil Liberties Union

Minnesota Freedom Fund

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