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New Workouts + Embracing Change

Today we have some life thoughts by Katy J….

Change is going to happen, whether we like it or not, and it will always be an uncomfortable process.⁣⁠ If change happens on our terms, we’re fortunate because we’re ready.⁣⁠ Other times, change is forced on us.⁣⁠

Regardless of the source or the situation, when we think about change, strong emotions usually arise.⁣⁠ If we feel resistance, it’s natural to think this means we’re not ready for the change, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact, resistance is integral to the process of change.⁣⁠ It’s completely normal, even if we want to change.⁣⁠ What’s important is that you understand your resistance and embrace it.⠀


Here are the new homebody videos for you to try out this week:

ABS + GLUTES with Ken S.
This challenging class will take you through 4 exercise series targeting the abs and glutes with an emphasis on total body integration.

VINYASA with Rachel G.
Enjoy this short yoga sequence that is both dynamic as well as grounding.

Watch this short video to learn the moves, then complete 3-4 rounds:
Tactical Frog Stretch 5x
Cossack Side Lunges 3/3x
Cossack to Pushup 3/3x
Hollow Hold with Arm Flutter 2x20sec
Pause Squats 15x
Slow Pushups 2x 5-10 sec hold
Dead Bugs 8/8x
Glute Bridge 8x
Single Arm Plank 2x 10 sec hold
Chin-ups rep max


Stay strong and embrace the challenge,
♥ The Studiomix Team

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