Homebodies Series

More Videos + Live Stream!

Today’s actions are tomorrow’s results. Invest your time and energy into the things that make a difference for you.

More new homebody videos below, no equipment needed!

HIIT with Nina D.
This 40 minute high intensity interval training class will use your own bodyweight to spike your heart rate in stages that are timed to produce maximum results.

This format combines medium intensity cardio with barefoot training, functional flexibility, balance, posture, and total body toning in a 45 minute class that will fly by. A dancer’s workout for the non-dancer that will get you burning and sweating in no time!


Live Stream Classes Start this Wednesday!
For more action, connection, and accountability, we’ve added live stream classes to our schedule. We’re starting with just a few to work out the kinks, and we’ll be adding more options very soon so be sure to share your requests.

Download the Studiomix app and sign-up for a virtual class. You’ll need a membership or a $20 virtual class credit to register, and we’ll send the live stream link 30 minutes prior (or within 2-3 minutes if you register right before class starts).


Stay strong and keep moving forward,
♥ The Studiomix Team

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