Indoor climbing is a one of a kind workout that will challenge both your body and your mind. Our facility features a 40 foot, sculpted rock wall with customizable routes providing a unique environment to learn this exciting sport. We offer group classes great for all levels on our ongoing schedule included with membership or day passes. To take your skills to the next level or for additional attention as a beginner, personalized 1-on-1 coaching will help you improve technique and cover everything you need to get up the wall with success. We can also provide small group climbing sessions perfect for team building or parties. AMGA CWI certified instruction will ensure all equipment and system checks are taught to industry standards. Shoes, harnesses, belay devices, and chalk bags are all provided at no cost.

Rock Climb 101 and Open Climb group classes are included with membership or day passes. Check the schedule and reserve your spot!

60 Minute Private Session  |  $95
5 Pack  |  $450 ($90 per session)
10 Pack  |  $850 ($85 per session)
25 Pack  |  $2,000 ($80 per session)

Intro Pack* 3 Private 60 Minute Sessions  |  $180 ($60 per session)
*One time purchase only.

60 Minute Partner Climbing Session  |  $120
120 Minute Small Group Climbing (up to 8 people)  |  $200

Already a climber? Schedule a free belay test to climb on your own by emailing