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Drop-in Day Pass

Our Drop-in Day Pass is perfect if you’re only in San Francisco for a brief visit or simply want to try us out. Access our club for a full day of back-to-back classes led by expert health coaches, a functional strength studio, and traditional cardio equipment. Enjoy all the detailed amenities including steam, sauna, shower, towel, locker services, and WiFi. We care about you, whether we see you every day or just occasionally.

Drop-in Day Pass  |  $30
One Week Pass  |  $60
Two Week Pass  |  $100
One Month Pass |  $165


Group Classes

Count on a variety of challenging classes at all levels to enrich San Francisco’s physical culture: Barre, Boxing, Bootcamp, Climbing, Conditioning, Cycling, Kettlebells, Martial Arts, Pilates, Strength Training, TRX®, Yoga, and Zumba® to name a few. At Studiomix, workout routines simply aren’t routine.

We’ve taken care of everything, so come on in. You’ll have motivating music, the best equipment, and the help of our expert instructors. With 30, 45, 60, and 75 minute classes, there are always options to fit your schedule. We’ll help you select the perfect classes for a well-rounded program, setting you up to reach your goals and encouraging you to try new things. Read more about our classes and what to expect.

Choose a Monthly Membership or come in anytime for a Drop-in Day Pass


1-on-1 Coaching

Personal training and private lessons take you to the next level. As lifelong learners of movement, our coaches bring an educated and balanced approach to your health and fitness goals ensuring you stay energized and get long term results. The individual attention is an excellent complement to our group classes, making all your workouts safe, efficient, and effective. We listen to what you want, lead you down a healthy path, and hold you accountable.

60 Minute Session  |  $95
5 Pack  |  $450 ($90 per session)
10 Pack  |  $850 ($85 per session)
25 Pack  |  $2,000 ($80 per session)

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Massage & Bodywork

For relaxation, recovery, injury treatment, and total body wellness, we offer a range of skilled practitioners with expertise from head to toe. Experience your choice of Active Release Therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, or Thai Massage to soothe away pain, stress, and tension or to enhance performance. Our restorative studios are perfect for a pre-workout tune-up or an after workout indulgence. You’re in good hands.

50 Minute Massage  |  $80
5 Pack  |  $375 ($75 per massage)

    80 Minute Massage  |  $110  
    5 Pack  |  $500 ($100 per massage)


    Studio Pilates

    Discover your true core and take your training to the next level with attention to detail. Pilates improves posture, prevents injury, and increases overall body awareness for optimal performance. Experience workouts tailored specifically for you in private and semi-private Pilates sessions with our classically certified instructors. Move better, stand taller, and live pain free.

    60 Minute Private Session  |  $95

    5 Pack  |  $450 ($90 per session)
    10 Pack  |  $850 ($85 per session)
    25 Pack  |  $2,000 ($80 per session)

    60 Minute Semi Private (2 or 3 people)  |  $50
    10 Pack  |  $450 ($45 per session)

    Intro Pack* 3 Private 60 Minute Sessions  |  $180 ($60 per session)

    *One time purchase only. Email pilates@studiomix.com for more information!



    Indoor climbing is a one of a kind workout that will challenge both your body and your mind. Our facility features a 40 foot, sculpted rock wall with customizable routes providing a unique environment to learn this exciting sport. We offer group classes great for all levels on our ongoing schedule included with membership or day passes. To take your skills to the next level or for additional attention as a beginner, personalized 1-on-1 coaching will help you improve technique and cover everything you need to get up the wall with success. We can also provide small group climbing sessions perfect for team building or parties. AMGA CWI certified instruction will ensure all equipment and system checks are taught to industry standards. Shoes, harnesses, belay devices, and chalk bags are all provided at no cost.

    Rock Climb 101 and Open Climb group classes are included with membership or day passes. Check the schedule and reserve your spot!

    60 Minute Private Session  |  $95
    5 Pack  |  $450 ($90 per session)
    10 Pack  |  $850 ($85 per session)
    25 Pack  |  $2,000 ($80 per session)

    Intro Pack* 3 Private 60 Minute Sessions  |  $180 ($60 per session)
    *One time purchase only.

    60 Minute Partner Climbing Session  |  $120
    120 Minute Small Group Climbing (up to 8 people)  |  $200

    Already a climber? Schedule a free belay test to climb on your own by emailing climb@studiomix.com.



    The certified sports physicians from SF Custom Chiropractic are not only able to help you reduce pain, but also can assist in improving whole body movement and function to get the most out of your workouts. Their thorough examination and treatment, alongside a custom rehabilitative exercise program when needed, will assist you in reaching your health and performance goals. The doctors work cohesively with our Health Coaches to ensure your program is optimized to your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for preventative care, re-alignment, pain management, or overall wellness, Chiropractic will provide many benefits.

    New Patient Visit  |  $189 ($159 for members)
    Follow Up Visit  |  $89


    Locker Services

    We’ve got plenty of space for you and your things. You’re welcome to use any of our lockers while you’re here- simply bring your own lock for security. If you’d like your own locker to store your belongings overnight, invest in a personal locker rental. Make it convenient to reach your goals by keeping your gear here.

    Day Use Locker  |  Free
    12 Month Personal Locker Rental  |  $220
    Monthly Personal Locker Rental (billed with membership)  |  $20


    Studio Rental

    Studiomix is an interdisciplinary facility available for photo/video shoots, corporate off-sites, seminars, certifications, rehearsals, and more. We are a perfect, centralized location to host your next event. Drop us a line at  rentals@studiomix.com for pricing and availability.

    Club Features:  30,000 sq. ft. of Spacious Studios & Detailed Amenities 

    • Cycle Studio
    • Dance Studio
    • Martial Arts Studio
    • Mind/Body Studio
    • Pilates Studio
    • Strength Studio
    • TRX® Studio
    • Climbing Wall
    • Cardio & Stretch Areas
    • Private Massage Studio
    • Towel Service, Locker Rooms, & Private Showers
    • Men’s and Women’s Steam & Sauna
    • Discounted Garage Parking
    • WiFi