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Meditation: Your Secret Super Power


Meditation is an ancient tradition that might make you think of bald monks sitting peacefully on a remote mountain top. Yet it’s a hot topic among a surprising cross-section of contemporary high-achievers. Everyone from NFL players, to hedge fund managers, and top tech talent is looking to meditation to help them be their best. Why? Because it’s an incredibly effective way to deal with stress, increase energy and focus, and help shift your mindset – critical for performing your best!

Here are a few of the many ways meditation can help you:

Be Healthy

Numerous studies have shown that a regular meditation practice can relieve the physical symptoms of stress. It lowers your blood pressure, brings your heart rate down, and reduces the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your blood stream. Scientists are continuing to learn how meditation affects the brain and nervous system, and looking to his practice as a way to increase mental wellness – as a compliment or alternative to medication, which is great news for anyone suffering from severe anxiety or depression.

Enhance Focus

Meditation is the practice of being focused – which is the opposite of how we tend to live in regular life. Distractions become exhausting, and technology tends to work like distraction training. Email, smart phones, and infinite scroll make it easier than ever to distract ourselves from the moment. The good news is that focus is a skill you can cultivate. Meditation is like lifting weights to strengthen your focus. What you practice, you then get to enjoy out in the world.

Improve Your Relationships

As you build your mindfulness muscle with meditation, you’ll become a more calm, happy, and present person. You become less reactive to other people’s drama, more clear about what you want, and better able to communicate and connect with others. This ripples out into all of your relationships – personal and professional.



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