Get Sweaty: 33 Unique Workout Studios in San Francisco

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If you’re not one for group exercise, a fitness club might be your best bet. Come in and do your workout, your way. If you want to work out but aren’t sure what you like just yet, Studiomix offers an array of classes in barre, boxing, climbing, conditioning, cycling, dance, martial arts, and zumba to name a few. Test them all and see what’s best for you.

Get Fit in San Francisco – 8 Unique Workout Classes Worth Trying Out

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There’s so much to love about San Francisco, besides the welcoming weather and a generous amount of green space. One of my favorite things about this city is its health and fitness scene, which is unquestionably one of the greatest in the U.S. From hip gyms, to holistic yoga, trampoline and climbing studios, The City by the Bay has it all.

The Best Services in S.F. in 2018

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Best Gym: Studiomix
After you finish a barre, Zumba, Pilates, personal training, boxing, martial arts, TRX, climbing, yoga or conditioning class (just some of what’s offered here), you can unwind with a massage or acupuncture session or sweat it out in the sauna.

The 21 Best Sweat Spots in San Francisco Right Now

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There are a few truths about living in San Francisco: you always need to wear layers, you’re never far from a good burrito—oh, and we have some of the sweatiest workouts in the country (in a good way!).

8 Foam Rolling + Self-Massage Classes for Tight and Tired Muscles

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The uber-quick foam rolling classes at this San Francisco super gym tackle a specific portion of the body, meaning the focus might be on legs one week and the upper body the next. What remains consistent is instruction well-versed in anatomy and deep penetration of the muscle courtesy of spiky rollers designed for seriously attacking any adhesions or knots.

San Francisco’s Best Boutique Fitness Classes


Studiomix, located in the heart of SF, is like mecca for fitness fanatics. This 30,000-square-foot space is just beautifully appointed, with loads of boutique classes on all day ranging from reformer pilates to spin class and bootcamp. It’s kind of your one-stop-shop for anything fitness-related, and also has standalone equipment if you’d prefer to workout solo.

8 Cycling Studios in San Francisco To Try For An Epic Workout

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Looking for a spin class that will fly by thanks to their mix of awesome music? Studiomix offers a variety of classes but their spin classes are some of their best. You’ll get a mix of sprints, jumps, hills, and climbs at this Tendernob studio.

Why STUDIOMIX is Designed by and for the Member

Posted on June 3, 2017 by ClubSolutions

Many people dream about their perfect company, fantasizing about the ideal business plan, operating system and rockstar leadership team. Mystie Webster is one of those people — but instead of just fantasizing about her perfect business, she made it a reality by founding STUDIOMIX in San Francisco, California.

STUDIOMIX: A Gym Built ‘One Client at a Time’

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You’ve likely heard this saying before concerning employees: “People don’t quit businesses, they quit managers.” Well, the same sentiment is true for the customers within your gym — if they leave as a member, a huge part of their reason for leaving may have to do with the relationships (or lack thereof) they made while a customer.

Sweat SF: One Editor’s Road To Looking Good And Feeling Even Better

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Starting a new class, gym, or membership is quite frankly, daunting. The process of signing up, signing your life away, and other ridiculous terms, classes, and schedules completely turn us off. Enter Studiomix: a gym all it’s own. Sporting a vibrant atmosphere and rotating classes — we welcomed the sweat we signed up for.

San Francisco’s 11 Best Local Gyms And Fitness Studios

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Studiomix has the obligatory exercise machines and free weights, but here, the emphasis is really on classes, and a whole buffet of them in seven different studios. Try yoga, spinning, boxing, and even climbing on their indoor wall. Instructors have a strong reputation for their teaching skills and are happy to show you the moves, or, as the case may be, the ropes.

The best gyms in San Francisco

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Studiomix is a gym for people who hate gyms. There are no straight up workout rooms here; instead, the space is broken up into seven bright, large-windowed studios on several floors of the AMC Theater building on Van Ness and Geary. Studiomix is all about the classes—over 15 a day including rock climbing, pilates, kickboxing, Zumba and more.

TRX Class at Studiomix and ClassPass Party

Last night, I was invited to attend the “Fall into Fitness” party held by ClassPass, which is a cool service that recently launched in San Francisco offering access to private studios around the city for a monthly membership. I became a quick fan of ClassPass while trying out a complimentary month and have gone to tons of local studios and gyms through the service.

Want to Sweat Like Crazy? Get Totally Zen? Enter Studiomix

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If you thrive on variety and want to try everything from high-intensity cycling to totally relaxing yoga, Studiomix might be your new fave studio. The studio is centrally located on Van Ness, and houses the ultimate mash-up of workouts – hence it’s name.

10 Fitness Classes To Get PUMPED

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If rock climbing sounds too extreme, you owe it to yourself to sign up for an introductory class at Studiomix. You’ll spend the first 15 to 20 minutes learning about safety and climbing theory, and you’ll quickly realize that the activity is not just for the vein-popping superhero set; it’s great for anyone who welcomes a mental challenge. In fact, much of the sport involves constant planning and risk assessment. You won’t encounter any complicated scenarios in this intro program, though, you’ll just be bouldering, which is essentially climbing close to the ground without ropes.

The Health Nut’s Guide To Working Out In S.F.

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Studiomix is a 30,000 square-foot, multi-level fitness club (so much more than a gym!) with posh amenities like saunas, free Wi-Fi, and a juice bar that whips up some mean green blends. Group fitness classes are held in one of six studios with high ceilings and flattering lighting. In addition to boot camp, yoga, and Pilates classes, it has a full-on rock climbing wall and major TRX and boxing equipment in the “Power Studio.”

9 New Group Fitness Hot Spots

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With 30,000 square feet of space, six studios and 101 group fitness classes a week (in addition to occasional workshops and seminars), Studiomix is for those who thrive on variety and enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the person next to you. In designing the space, founder Mystie Webster envisioned a place where she would want to be a member – and she always loved group fitness classes.

Featured in San Francisco Magazine Best of the Bay 2013

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Just when it seems that the boutique gym trend is taking over, Studiomix reminds us that big gyms have their place. Designed for people who want a fun workout but don’t have the time to sprint from TRX in Nob Hill to yoga in Hayes Valley, Studiomix offers a dozen classes a day.

Training Day Rock wall. TRX. Heavy bags. All under one roof.

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Finding a good gym in San Francisco presents a challenge: too generic, you find yourself in a soulless chain that smells of musk and geriatrics; too specialized, you find yourself meekly waiting for your turn on the Swedish stability ball.


5 Ideas For Healthy Women

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There’s many reasons you could have more fat on your thighs than you’d like. Estrogen is often the main influence. This hormone is important for several bodily functions in both sexes

Studiomix – The Latest Spot to Get Your Swell On

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Housed in an expansive, 30,000-square-foot space (it’s in the same former Cadillac showroom that contains Tommy T’s Comedy and the 14-screen AMC Van Ness theatres)

Studiomix Gym Opens

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Venture upstairs opposite AMC Theatres into the transformed gym: 30,000 square feet with five studios, a three-story climbing wall, and lounge (plus free Wi-Fi), with a cafe (serving organic fare) and kids’ club en route.

In the Mix

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Introducing Studiomix, a two-floor total training facility where  members are treated to classes taught by highly decorated instructors…  followed by steams, saunas and monthly massages, opening tomorrow on Van  Ness.

Sweat It Out

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Make those sixty minutes count with Kettlebell Camp at Studiomix, the brand new class-focused gym centrally located on Van Ness.