How do I join?
Sign-up on our website, give us a call at 415.926.6790, or just show up. You'll be mixing it up in no time.
What if I like to exercise by myself?
All of our members can use the entire facility for their own workouts. There's plenty of space to move and workout alone even when classes are in session.
I've never enjoyed exercise. Why Studiomix?
We offer exciting, constantly evolving workout experiences to change the way people think about fitness. There are new and exciting classes to try for everyone. If you’d rather go it alone or 1-on-1 with a coach, our range of equipment makes our facility even more unique. Looking to build strength and muscle? Six squat racks are waiting for you with plenty of adjustable benches and high-quality barbells. Joints a bit stiff? A complete set of competition kettlebells and an assortment of grips will help you move more freely. Expect a lot of great options including the traditional cardio and free weight areas you may be used to.
Is it necessary to reserve a spot in class before I show up?
Nope not necessary, but we understand that you may like to plan ahead and welcome you to reserve a spot online. If you choose to come in on the fly and class is packed, we’re sure you’ll enjoy another option and guarantee your trip in will always be worthwhile.
Can I bring a guest?
Absolutely! Local Bay area residents will receive their first day on us! For any out of town guests, we have a $30 day pass and other short-term membership options available.
What kind of music will be played in the club?
You can expect upbeat playlists in our high-intensity classes and restorative ambient sounds in others. If you ever have suggestions or ideas for new music, let us know and we'll find ways to add it to the mix.
Can I put my membership on hold?
Of course, we’re flexible! There is no cost to freeze, simply send us an email beforehand with the dates that you’ll be away to:
How do I cancel my monthly membership?
It’s easy to make changes to your membership. Send us an email at
Do I need to bring my own lock?
Yes, we definitely want you to keep your things secure! If you happen to forget, we have affordable locks for sale.
Should I bring a yoga mat for class or are they provided?
We have plenty of clean mats for everyone free of charge, but you’re always welcome to bring your own.
Can I use my cell phone in the club?
We intend for Studiomix to be your escape. If something comes up and you have to make or take a call, please do so respectfully.
More questions?
Ask us via, give us a call at 415.926.6790, or simply come on in.
Contact Us
Our entrance is inside the lobby of the 1000 Van Ness Plaza. Enter through the lobby and climb three flights of stairs, a great warm up for your class or workout. Elevator access to the 3rd floor is also available through the lobby.