Turbo Kick®

What is Turbo Kick®?
Turbo Kick® is an interval based, full body workout that begins with a sports-specific warm up. Move into high-paced intervals with kickboxing, resistance, and endurance training sequences using easy-to-follow combinations.

Designed by fitness guru Chalene Johnson, Turbo Kick® is a shadow boxing program that borrows from ancient fighting forms and athletics. Increase endurance, aerobic capacity, and flexibility in this fun class choreographed to banging music. No equipment, not contact, just a great sweat!

What you’re working

What to expect in Turbo Kick®
Expect cardio kickboxing with double the action and athleticism. Due to the repeated bouts of high intensity intervals and kickboxing drills, you can expect to burn an average of 400-800 calories per class. A typical Turbo Kick® class includes 45 minutes of aerobic/anaerobic work, followed by 15 minutes of recovery segments.

What to wear
Comfortable clothing that you can sweat and move freely in

Who is teaching
Joey Chang

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