TRX® Primal Flow

What is TRX® Primal Flow?
This challenging, evolving, playful class blends training on the TRX® suspension straps with traditional Power Vinyasa Yoga to improve strength, flexibility, balance and more.

Explore natural, fluid movements on the TRX® system allowing deeper range of motion. We’ll challenge your strength and dynamic flexibility simultaneously while flowing from pose to pose. Train your core to align and support you properly using the floor, the wall, and the suspension straps as support. We’ll move freely yet with control for a powerful, effective workout you won’t want to skip.

What you’re working

What to expect in TRX® Primal Flow
Expect to flow through yoga poses utilizing the TRX® straps as a tool. The class will always be evolving with some structure for constant learning and challenge. There will also be lots of freedom to explore options to modify, intensify, and customize your practice.

What to wear
Athletic or yoga clothing. Bare feet are highly recommended; yoga socks are permitted for class.

Who is teaching
May Lee-Johnson