Total Body Training

What is Total Body Training?
Incorporate weight training and high reps to achieve definition, burn, and muscle fatigue.

Total Body Training is a complete and constant workout! Feel yourself get more confident with every class, as you learn and perfect movement patterns through a continual series of tempo driven, resistance training exercises. Define your body as we move together. Class changes every 6-8 weeks to keep you progressing.

What you’re working

What to expect in Total Body Training
This class is great for all levels with many progressions for the advanced mover and plenty of alternatives for the beginner. Experience muscles fatigue with high repetitions to develop lean, athletic muscle. You’ll love this efficient total body workout as it burns calories, shapes your physique, develops core strength, and improves bone density all at the same time. We will incorporate risers, steps, weights, and bars to help strengthen your entire body. Please arrive early to set up.

What to wear
Standard athletic wear and supportive, cross training shoes.

Who is teaching
Andres Nuñez
Nina De Ocampo
Susanna Kalnes
Eli Blair

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