Bootcamp 30

What is Bootcamp 30?
Experience a high intensity combo class of moves and drills varied by the coach. 30 minutes to push your limits!

Get the most out of your time in the gym in this efficient class. Combining friendly competition with diverse workout methods, you’ll challenge yourself with dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls along with running, jumping, and bodyweight drills. Due to the high metabolic demand, Bootcamp 30 uses EPOC (Excess Post- Exercise Oxygen Consumption), enabling you to burn more calories at rest. The high reps executed in this class can also have a positive effect on bone density. Even though this is only a 30 minute routine, the benefits of the after-burn will carry you throughout your day.

What you’re working

What to expect in Bootcamp 30
Come to class on time, already warmed-up. This class starts with a bang and does not stop until you finish the workout or the class ends, whichever comes first. Your instructor will have the workout prepared and posted in the studio. Each exercise will be demonstrated before you start. Expect to work in a higher range of 15-20 repetitions. You will have roughly 25 minutes to finish 7 full body dynamic exercises, your 8th move will always be a short jog down our grand hallway. This run will hopefully allow you a quick couple of seconds of active recovery before going into your next round of work. Expect to push yourself and to be humbled.

What to wear
Comfortable clothing that allows you to sweat and move freely along with supportive shoes to jump in and/or change direction laterally

Who is teaching
Nate Zwierzyna
Sam Natividad

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