What is Pull?
Learn to do pull-ups! Strengthen muscles of your upper body and back while improving your grip strength in this gravity defying workout.

Move through a circuit of exercises arranged by a professional aerialist. Using the versatile TruFit® system, you’ll challenge your upper body and core stabilizing muscles. Pull is an eye-opening workout that will humble the strongest of movers and motivate those who previously thought it was impossible to do a single pull-up. This class is a great compliment to any fitness regimen as it increases shoulder stability while building lat (latissimus dorsi, the largest muscle in your back), forearm, and hand strength.

What you’re working

What to expect in Pull
Expect to be humbled and sore in this upper body focused training. Learn to master the major pulls including the pull-up, chin-up and their variations, as well as complimentary pushing isometrics: planks, hand stands, and other gravity resistant exercises. There is no need to be hesitant or fearful; we’ll focus on the quality of your movement, not how many you can do. The Pull workout consists of 8-10 exercises in 45 seconds to 1 minute intervals. With continued attendance and practice you will get stronger, period.

What to wear
Barefoot (or socks) with comfortable light clothes that you can sweat and easily move in.

Who is teaching
Kyoko Uchida
Ryan Swift

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