What is Boxing?
Stick. Jab. Move. Repeat. Learn a little one-two in this traditional boxer’s workout.

This class focuses on proper technique and the basic fundamentals of boxing taught the way real professionals train. Gain an appreciation and love for the sport of boxing as you hit the bags, do partner drills, and shadow box. Boxing offers a challenging and encouraging atmosphere for beginner to intermediate fighters. Your coach will be able to tailor workouts to your physical abilities and explain the details of certain boxing techniques and why. *Hand wraps and gloves are required for this class and are available to borrow at the club.

What you’re working

What to expect in Boxing
Expect to feel a little nervous and hesitant if it’s your first time, but also expect to feel more comfortable with each class. It does get easier as you become more familiar with the combinations and drills. After just three classes, you will start to master the basics, become more agile, and quick. The contact work during class is not a time to beat-up on your partner, but instead an opportunity to learn from the other side of the mitts. Please arrive 10 minutes before class to allow time to wrap your hands. Class starts promptly.

What to wear
Comfortable clothing that you can sweat in. Hand wraps (provided) and lightweight athletic shoes.

Who is teaching
Dave Teran
Gabe Stuckey