Primal Yoga

Primal Yoga

What is Primal Yoga?
Primal Yoga is a strong, creative, playful Power Vinyasa Yoga inspired class. A full body workout designed to dramatically increase your functional fitness!

The human body is capable of incredibly diverse and complex movements, but modern-day living has a way of depriving us of the freedom or need for these movements. Innovative, total body and core exercises, mobility and agility combinations, along with dynamic, explosive drills are seamlessly weaved throughout this class. You’ll enjoy combining primal movements with the traditional yoga poses and sun salutations.

What you’re working

What to expect
Experience consistent progress in your yoga practice while finding ways to work your edge. You’ll learn new ways to upgrade and diversify your familiar yoga poses and flows by adding in challenging playful moves.

What to wear
Bare feet and comfortable, tight clothing that you can easily move in.

Who’s teaching
May Lee-Johnson