Rock Climb 101

What is Rock Climb 101?
A must for first-time climbers at Studiomix and highly recommended for those who want to take their climbing from an experience to a practice. Learn belay technique and appropriate climbing knots. An entirely instructional course, this class will leave you feeling confident, excited, challenged, and ready to climb.

Rock Climb 101 will teach you everything you need to know to utilize the climbing wall on your own without an instructor. After this class you will be ready to schedule your belay assessment. Successful completion of your belay assessment, partnered with this workshop is a prerequisite for our Open Climb sessions. Get comfortable with climbing procedures and equipment.

What you’re working

What to expect in Rock Climb 101
Expect 60 minutes of hands on instruction in our Climb Studio. You won’t be climbing during this workshop, but you’ll practice the essentials so that you’re prepared to pass our belay assessment. All necessary equipment is provided; simply show up ready to learn!

What to wear
Comfortable clothing that allows you to move. Harness, ropes, chalk bag and shoes provided.

Who is teaching
Ryan Swift

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