Hip Hop

What is Hip Hop?
Pairing progressive choreography with catchy hip hop music, this class is designed to keep you moving non-stop. Have a blast and challenge your coordination by building a dance routine step-by-step.

Incorporating popular dance moves, this high energy class will enhance your cardiovascular endurance along with your street cred. We’ll learn and execute different hip hop moves using your entire body in this dance conditioning workout. From shaking and popping to dropping it like it’s hot, you’ll work it all!

What you’re working

What to expect in Hip Hop
Expect to smile and move. Any worries you might have will melt away as you pop, twist, and turn. Your first class might be a little challenging, but the more you return, you’ll develop better pattern recognition, making it easier to learn routines.

What to wear
Comfortable sneakers and clothes you can sweat in

Who is teaching
Rebecca Strusser

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