Foam Roll + Stretch

What is Foam Roll + Stretch? 
Loosen things up, treat day-to-day stiffness, help prevent injury, and rejuvenate in this therapeutic class designed to teach you a myriad of foam rolling and stretching techniques.

Coupled with stretching, foam rolling is a recovery method that has many benefits including increased circulation, heightened neurological function, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. Use a foam roller to search for tender areas or trigger points and roll them out to decrease tension and improve muscle function. Foam rollers provide relief and allow you to massage out tight muscles. Learn how to use this tool correctly, apply detailed variations, and prep your body for training. With a little direction, you’ll easily find the tender spots on your own. This self paced roll-out will give you the skills to continue on your own before and after workouts.

What you’re workin

What to expect in Foam Roll + Stretch
Expect to stretch on the floor and get deep into your muscles using the foam roller. This form of self massage is safe, gentle, and consistently effective in producing results to release tight muscles, improve inflexible areas, and remove muscle spasms/tightness. Because you are using bodyweight to apply pressure, foam rolling can be uncomfortable and can sometimes even border on being painful. Although this class hurts-so-good, you’ll notice a positive difference on the way out.

What to wear
Comfortable tight clothes (free of zippers, buttons, or loose objects) that you can roll on. Long hair should be pulled back. Bare feet or socks ideal.

Who is teaching
May Lee-Johnson

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