Cardio Step

What is Cardio Step?
This challenging, classic workout involves upbeat, rhythmic stepping on a raised platform. Similar to going up and down the stairs, these choreographed patterns will get your heart pumping.

Step aerobics is an original workout class favorite. It’s fun, effective, and easy to get hooked. Testing your coordination and cardiovascular endurance simultaneously, this class is a non-stop challenge. Lunge, squat, twist, turn, repeat. We’ll use a 6-12 inch stepping platform and keep you moving up and down to the beat. Cardio has never been so exciting!

What you’re working

What to expect in Cardio Step
We’ll move to the music and repeat sequences. You may feel like you have two left feet at first- keep coming back and you’ll learn the moves. This fast-paced class will leave you sweaty and smiling.

What to wear
Athletic shoes and comfortable clothing that you can sweat in.

Who’s teaching
Eli Blair