What is Build?
Establish a strong foundation and build on it. Develop muscle mass or muscle tone during this focused, 60-minute weight training session in our Strength Studio.

This is not your traditional bodybuilding experience, but a nod to exercises incorporated in the traditional practice. We’ll touch on specific techniques while learning the basics of split style training in this education packed class. Learn to put as much emphasis on rest and recovery as on output to target specific goals for strength endurance, mass, or tone. Decrease your risk of injury and add variety to your workouts by cycling through periods of high intensity and low intensity. Follow us on Facebook to know what we’ll cover each class.

What you’re working

What to expect in Build
Build incorporates bouts of weight training with active recovery so you can lift to your potential. This class focuses on proper mechanics and increasing muscular endurance for growth. Experiment and develop an instinct as to what works best for you. Use your training results along with past experiences to constantly fine-tune your program. Go by feel when you lift: if your body tells you you need more rest, take it. By constantly changing variables in your workout such as number of sets, number of reps, exercise selection, exercise order, and rest period length, will help prevent you from getting in a rut and slowing or stalling your progress. Don’t expect a cardiovascular challenge, instead expect delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) a few days after this workout. Come get comfortable in our Strength Studio.

What to wear
Clothing you can lift and move well in along with flat, firm soled shoes.

Who is teaching
Brian Thompson
Hans Meyer

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