Barre Mix

What is Barre Mix? 
A ballet-inspired core conditioning class for long, lean muscles and strength down to your toes.

This popular, fusion class combines elements of Pilates, yoga, and functional training to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Choreographed to motivating music, you will use light weights, resistance bands, gliders, magic circles, Pilates balls and the ballet barre for a full body, toning workout. Challenge your balance by flexing, pointing, bending, and pulsing to feel taller, stronger, and leaner. Come to class and your tush will thank you! This class is a great option for pre and postnatal women.

What you’re working

What to expect in Barre Mix
The music, along with your instructor, will inspire you to move rhythmically through what feels like endless repetitions as you work toward your “shake zone.” Expect your booty, shoulders, and core to burn in just the right places. Improve posture, increase body awareness, and build confidence with every class.

What to wear
Clothing with plenty of stretch is best. No shoes needed. Socks are optional; grippy socks recommended.

Who is teaching
Ken Scott
Nina De Ocampo

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