Athletic Conditioning

What is Athletic Conditioning? 
A high intensity workout blending body weight and resistance training with aerobic drills to improve overall speed, agility, balance, and endurance. Feel challenged and engaged as you move through various stations in our Strength Studio.

Athletic Conditioning incorporates creative exercises to expand your fitness routine. Give it your all in a series of one minute intervals. In this class we’ll take you through a variety of circuits to maximize use of time and space while targeting the whole body. Learn to move efficiently and effectively to reduce the chances of injury while enhancing your abilities in and out of the gym. Continue to develop a solid athletic foundation while focusing on your individual goals as they relate to fitness or sport. Excel at the athletic activities you love!

What you’re working

What to expect in Athletic Conditioning
The workout becomes progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been mastered. Expect to break into groups and sweat next to your neighbor while using diverse equipment and exploring all planes of movement. You’ll be challenged throughout the hour, but free to adjust the intensity as you desire. Whether your goal is weight loss or to simply get a great workout, this class caters to people of all ages and fitness levels. Move and feel better than ever before!

What to wear
Comfortable athletic attire and shoes.

Who is teaching
Brian Thompson
Nate Zwierzyna

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