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Ballet Classes

Ballet classes in San Francisco are an excellent way to improve posture, maintain lean muscle, and increase body control. You’ll work every muscle in the body, build core strength, and improve cardiovascular function. If you are looking for dance classes to improve your overall physical fitness, ballet is an excellent choice. Another way to challenge yourself. Another way to sweat at STUDIOMIX.

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Barre Classes

Barre classes are great for anyone who is looking to improve their fitness, strength and posture can benefit from practicing barre routines. Not only for dancers, barre exercises provide an athletic workout for the glutes, legs, thighs, arms, abdominal muscles, and many other parts of the body. Also practiced in San Francisco ballet classes, barre exercises provide a multitude of benefits, such as improving posture, increasing flexibility, strengthening muscles, and more. Barre classes at Studiomix are terrific for anyone who is determined to lose weight, or anyone who just wants to feel better. The term ‘barre’ can refer to exercises, and also to the handrail that is used for the exercises. Conditioning using the barre burns calories and releases endorphins. An important aspect of SF dance classes, barre exercises also help to improve balance and equilibrium. Read More »

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing classes in San Francisco are engaging for people of all dance backgrounds, and all levels of fitness ability. They also work the entire body, especially toning the abs, stomach, waist, legs, arms and back. Once the techniques and moves are understood and perfected, belly dancing provides a way for a fun and effective low-impact aerobic workout at dance studios in SF. Because it is a low-impact dance, it does not put stress on the joints. Belly dancing is helpful for people who suffer from back and joint pain, as it can increase bone density. Belly dancing is based on a muscle isolation technique, which requires the body to utilize specific muscles, while keeping the other parts of the body still, and in proper posture. This technique helps to improve muscle definition. Regular belly dancing practice also helps burn calories and reduce body fat. Read More »


Our bootcamps take the latest fitness methods and exercises and combine them for fast-paced classes that burn fat, build strength, and are sure to make you sweat! Classes constantly evolve to meet the needs of our members so count on all of the instruction you need for great form and progression without the pressure of a drill sergent.With so much to do and see in San Francisco, it’s no wonder our members want a class they can jump into and get results-fast! Fat loss, strength gains, and a revitalization of the energy it takes to be you are just a few things to expect out of our bootcamps. Not your typical hodgepodge of situps and shouting, Bootcamp at STUDIOMIX will get you in shape for your favorite pants. Even if they’re camo.

Bootcamp classes start by teaching you how to move. Once you’re cleared for form, you’ll join the group and likely be lifting, throwing, or slamming something in minutes…

You’ll have everything you need, from gymnastics rings to prowler sleds and plenty of bumper plates. Don’t be shy if you’re a beginner and bootcamp classes sound too intense. Our coaches progressively adapt each movement for each participant, whether it’s your first workout or your first competition.

Unique bootcamp class offerings at STUDIOMIX:Endorphin – San Francisco’s only pre-nightlife bootcamp class. Wear your workout clothes and pack that black dress you’ve wanted to fit into/ tailored suit you’ve wanted to sport. After you’ve released your stress, sharpened your abs, and met a few new SF bootcampfriends, enjoy our themed locker/spa rooms to look your best. Head downstairs for date night at AMC Theaters or catch a ride to San Francisco’s eclectic selection of bars and nightclubs. Only one of many unique workout experiences at STUDIOMIX     San Francisco. Offered Friday & Saturday nights, 6-10pm.CrossMix – Throw that medicine ball. Lift that barbell over your head. Now squat it. Press it again. Now bend over and pull it to your chest. Drop it. Pick up this sandbag. Drag it that way. Rest…. alright now do it again. Our flagship class, Crossmix is STUDIOMIX    ’s most interdisciplinary class- Kettlebells, Rock Climbing, Olympic Lifting, Sandbags and more. An evolving bootcamp class in San Francisco. Offered daily.Join the tribe. STUDIOMIX.

Classes for Bootcamp San Francisco have become more popular in recent years, providing a motivational work out for people who have a difficult time staying committed to an exercise routine on their own. Also due to more people becoming determined to quickly lose weight, San Francisco bootcamp class enrollment has been on the rise. This is because bootcamp classes provide social support for staying committed to fitness goals. Bootcamp San Francisco is also designed to provide the structured environment to help people reach beyond their current physical limits, and increase their level of fitness. Bootcamp SF combines a variety of high intensity strength and aerobic exercises, and utilizes interval training to build endurance. Bootcamp San Francisco helps class groups shed body fat, increase cardiovascular strength, and build muscle.

Bootcamp San Francisco classes utilize interval training, which involves repetition of exercises with little to no rest in between sets. This high impact method helps to promote endurance and cardiovascular wellness. Also good for sports conditioning, bootcamp helps improve agility and strength. Basic boot camp routines focus on exercises that use your body weight as the only resistance. Yet bootcamp SF exercises challenge the muscles to perform to their limit, building endurance. The regular aerobic exercise involved with bootcamp classes is also beneficial for those who want to lose weight in San Francisco. The pumped up workout you get from a bootcamp will not only provide you with a tighter, more toned body but you’ll release endorphins, which lowers stress levels, and also has a positive effect on mental health. When participated in regularly, bootcamp San Francisco workouts build stamina, so that you’ll be able to make leaps of progress over time.

Bootcamp San Francisco classes include exercises for a well-rounded, total body workout. Some examples include:

  • Pushups – helps to build the muscles in the arms and chest, and work the muscles in the abdomen.
  • Pullups – strengthens the forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, hands and fingers. In addition, the abdominals and back muscles will be challenged.
  • Squats and Lunges – works the muscles in your legs and glutes. Plyometric lunges, which involve jumping and landing exercises, work the hamstring muscles.
  • Sit-ups – strengthens the core of the body, as well as toning the stomach.
  • Dips – tones the arms, and build the pecs, deltoids and triceps.
  • Jumping Jacks – great for people looking to lose weight in San Francisco, jumping jacks tone the arms and legs, while increasing the heart rate and oxygen flow.
  • Jogging/Sprinting – jogging mixed with periods of sprinting builds endurance, stamina and muscle mass of the legs, as well as the other parts of the body.
  • Hurdle Jumping – helps to build coordination, strength and agility.

Bootcamp San Francisco classes may also include other calisthenic exercises, suspension training, competitive games, kettlebell, jumping rope, free weights, obstacle course training, and more With the large variety of beneficial activities and exercises offered, bootcamp SF is a fun and challenging way to get in shape.

Inspired by the Royal Canadian Air Force Workout in the 1950s, bootcamp workouts became popular at fitness centers and gyms in the late 1980s. For people who want to get in better physical shape and lose weight in San Francisco quickly, bootcamp San Francisco workouts deliver the physical challenge to make it happen


It turns out cranking that soulja’ boy happens to be good for scapular-humeral rhythm and “the stinky leg” happens to encourage hip mobility. Learn to pop, lock, and get a mean workout while you’re at it.

Hip-hop classes in San Francisco are for anyone who is looking for an enjoyable dance workout. Hip-hop exercise is an engaging activity that helps to reduce stress, tension, and chronic fatigue. Learning the moves can also increase overall confidence and self-esteem. Hip-hop dance classes provide a high intensity workout that keeps the body moving, burning calories and improving overall cardiovascular fitness. In addition, hip-hop dance can help lower your blood pressure, and boost your energy. It is not necessary to have prior dance experience in order to take a hip-hop dance exercise class. At Studiomix, San Francisco hip-hop classes help you learn exactly how to break down and simplify the dance moves, making it easy for anyone to keep up. Classes provide an opportunity to learn all of the basic moves, and practice until you are ready to incorporate the more advanced routines. Hip-hop classes incorporate a variety of movements that improve balance and agility, tone the body, and help you to get in shape. Read More »


Whether you’ve mastered your own cuban motion or haven’t yet convinced yourself to invest in a pair of maracas, come shake it at STUDIOMIX.

In San Francisco salsa dancing classes at Studiomix, participants practice a swing-style Latin dance that features fast, constant steps and movements. A fun, creative way to exercise, the cardiovascular and core workout provided by Salsa dancing have made the dance popular with fitness enthusiasts. Therefore some types of salsa classes can also include high-impact fitness workout variations. Salsa class can help you get in shape fast, as it keeps the body moving and burns calories quickly. Working and toning the abs, hips, back and leg muscles, salsa dance moves help to improve your posture. Salsa dancing can also increase your ability to relax, and reduce your body’s stress levels. Although salsa is typically a partner dance, you do not have to have a partner to enjoy salsa dancing classes, as many of the steps can be learned solo. Read More »