Hot Yoga

Love to sweat? Then make your way into one of our Hot Yoga classes which provide a number of benefits to the organs and systems of the body. Hovering at around 105 degrees the hot temperature in a Hot Yoga classroom delivers a unique variety of benefits- skyrocketing their students to greater levels of flexibility and a deeper understanding of their yoga practice.

San Francisco Hot Yoga devotees report weight loss, greater flexibility, pain relief and so much more. This variation on Hatha yoga is a discipline for students of all levels, so beginner yogis can feel free to step up to the challenge. As with other forms of yoga, it is meditative, and helps to relieve stress. The extra heat also serves to accelerate detoxification- who wouldn’t want that? Run, don’t walk to your SF Hot Yoga Class.

The 26 different poses can be categorized into the standing series and the floor series. Some examples of poses, and benefits of Hot Yoga classes include:

  • Standing Series– includes the standing deep breathing pose, triangle pose, half moon pose, eagle pose, and more. These hot yoga SF poses provide many benefits. For example, the half-moon pose promotes abdominal strength, and stretches the spine. The eagle pose helps relieve tension, increases movements in the joints, improves the function of the central nervous system, as well as other benefits.

  • Floor Series – includes the fixed firm pose, half tortoise pose, camel pose, rabbit pose, the wind-removing pose, cobra pose, locust pose, bow pose, and more. There are many benefits provided by hot yoga SF poses. Many of these asanas involve lying on the back or the stomach, and focus on the spine, delivering benefits that extend throughout the body. For example, the camel pose creates maximum compression of the spine, which stimulates the nervous system. It also improves flexibility of the spine and neck, and can help relieve backaches and spinal problems. It also benefits the abdominal organs, and the thyroid.