Belly Dancing

Belly dancing classes in San Francisco are engaging for people of all dance backgrounds, and all levels of fitness ability. They also work the entire body, especially toning the abs, stomach, waist, legs, arms and back. Once the techniques and moves are understood and perfected, belly dancing provides a way for a fun and effective low-impact aerobic workout at dance studios in SF. Because it is a low-impact dance, it does not put stress on the joints. Belly dancing is helpful for people who suffer from back and joint pain, as it can increase bone density. Belly dancing is based on a muscle isolation technique, which requires the body to utilize specific muscles, while keeping the other parts of the body still, and in proper posture. This technique helps to improve muscle definition. Regular belly dancing practice also helps burn calories and reduce body fat.

Belly dancing classes at Studiomix provide a cardiovascular exercise that strengthens the back, abdominal, arm and leg muscles. A particularly beneficial advantage is that the dance even works the transverse abdominals, which can be difficult to target with other classes offered at dance studios in SF. A lot of the movements in belly dancing focus on exercising the abs and core muscles, which is vital to good posture and overall health. With classes for belly dancing, San Francisco professional dance students, as well as people from all dance backgrounds, find an enjoyable way to stay in shape. Belly dancers strengthen and sculpt almost every muscle in their core. At belly dancing classes in San Francisco, fluid movements that are taught will thoroughly exercise the body.

When beginning belly dancing classes Studiomix, learning the basic movements will be your goal. This will involve slower movements and learning time. There are a number of dance movements that can be perfected, including hip shimmies, torso movements, snake arms, horizontal and vertical hip circles, chest circles, figure eights, shoulder shimmies, full-body undulations, and many more. Hip shimmies and other movements help dancers work their hips and upper legs. Torso movements tone the core and stomach muscles. Arm movements challenge and strengthen the arms and shoulders. Hand placement is also a skill that that students of belly dance will acquire. With practice, students attending belly dancing San Francisco classes can increase their speed and intensity, to enjoy an aerobic workout that will speed up the metabolism, and burn hundreds of calories per hour.

In belly dancing classes, a variety of techniques can be introduced after the basic foundation is set. Floor combinations, traveling, making an entrance, spins, turns and tricks are all aspects of belly dancing that can all be developed. Belly dancers can also learn how to use accessories, such as finger cymbals. Some advanced belly dancers also use weighted belts to increase the challenge of the workout, and to further develop their muscular strength. The dance style as a performance art form also involves perfecting emotional expression, and understanding musical interpretation. Belly dancing originated as a middle-Eastern style of dance, and later became a very popular performance dance all over the world. At belly dancing classes at Studiomix, participants enjoy a fun, complete body workout.