Ballet Classes

Ballet classes in San Francisco are an excellent way to improve posture, maintain lean muscle, and increase body control. You’ll work every muscle in the body, build core strength, and improve cardiovascular function. If you are looking for dance classes to improve your overall physical fitness, ballet is an excellent choice. Another way to challenge yourself. Another way to sweat at STUDIOMIX.

The stability and strength achievable with regular San Francisco ballet classes make the dance form a great way to build towards your ideal fitness level. A physically demanding dance, the stamina and endurance practiced in ballet has the benefit of burning hundreds of calories per hour. Comparable to resistance training, the expressive dance style requires small movements that improve muscle control and coordination, while also toning the muscles. Ballet dancers who practice consistently develop lean, elongated muscles. Ballet classes strengthen the core, as well as the major muscles in the upper and lower back.

With a variety of precise positions and poses that target specific parts of the body, ballet classes provide a workout for the abdominal muscles, thighs, hips, buttocks, calves and more. Classic ‘plie’ poses provide an intense thigh and posterior workout. A pose called ‘the bridge’ sculpts the inside and back of the legs, and firms the posterior. The ‘grand battement’ and the ‘arabesque’ build stronger abs and glute muscles. ‘Hip extensions’ tone the thighs and glutes. Ballet barre techniques strengthen the back muscles, legs, inner thighs, lower core muscles, and more. Ballet classes lead to increased total body strength.

Ballet classes provide conditioning exercises to improve a dancer’s progressions, tempo, and endurance, through many repetitions. Conditioning exercises for ballet such as jumps, tondues and plies, combine exercise movements with dance. Low impact ballet floor exercises focus primarily on stretching, which improves flexibility, loosens up the muscles, and increases strength. Characterized by precise movements and gracefulness, ballet training also involves drilling, in order to perfect posture. Maintaining good posture is crucial to performance ballet dancing. Ballet postures will focus on keeping the neck long, shoulders back, and stomach and buttocks tucked in. Taking ballet classes in San Francisco is one of the most effective ways you can improve your posture and balance.

Ballet has provided the foundation for many dance styles, therefore ballet classes in San Francisco are invaluable for anyone who wants to perfect their dance moves. A classical dance style that began in Italy during the 15th Century renaissance, ballet has evolved over hundreds of years to include classical, neoclassical, and contemporary styles. Neoclassical ballet brought more modern techniques to the dance, while contemporary ballet incorporates more fluid movements inspired by modern dance. Signing up for ballet classes at at Studiomix today will give you the training required to become a competent dancer, while also improving your overall health and fitness.