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Small Group Training: Studio Pilates

6 week workshop series, 1 hour per week, will provide you with a progressive foundational system to recruit more muscles, accelerate weight loss, increase your body awareness, and improve your posture to aid in injury prevention. Each week builds on the last; you’ll gain confidence with your individual skill set. Watch how Pilates principles start to flow into your everyday habits. Functional, flexible, and strong core muscles are key to reaching a wide variety of fitness and sport performance goals. Commit to this comprehensive Pilates series to enhance your workouts as you strengthen your body for your unique needs. We are excited to offer this training in a personal small group learning environment.

Jul 13th to Aug 28th

Select a timeslot:
Wednesdays 7am w/ Ray Salahuddin
Saturdays 11am w/ Louis Acquisto

Space limited to 6 people per timeslot.

$210 for 6 session series


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Classes & Events

From the Floor to the Core: How Pilates Can Help You


Why Pilates?
Because we know that it’s important for you to be active… whether you bike, hike, run, lift or take lots of classes, Pilates when done correctly offers major fitness benefits. It improves sports performance, develops a strong core and balanced muscles, and decreases your risk for injuries, allowing you to enjoy all activities you love.

What is Pilates? 

Pilates conditions the entire body from the floor to the core. No muscle group is over trained or under trained using this method – your entire musculature is evenly balanced and conditioned helping you to enjoy daily activities efficiently, with greater ease and better performance. More people of all ages and fitness levels, including elite athletes, turn to Pilates to stay in tip-top shape. With over 500 exercises, you will strengthen and stretch with control using Gratz spring loaded equipment to deeply work the weaker muscles while stretching the tighter ones. The moves may look easy, but they take a lot of precision and control.  There is a strong emphasis on technique; you’ll preform less reps with control taking away your ability to cheat. You use your core for all activities in life, and if it’s strong and healthy, you will do them better.

Pilates is an amazing, complete, and corrective system of exercise, created by a man named Joseph Pilates originally for men. As a child, Joseph Pilates turned to exercise and athletics to strengthen his body and overcome asthma and other ailments. He was always seeking to widen his knowledge, he studied many forms of exercise, and was particularly influenced by the classical Greek ideal of a man who is balanced equally in body, mind, and spirit. Joseph Pilates was a boxer and gymnast, and he created this method of exercises called Contrology* for his own body and for the men during WWI while he was in an internment camp. Out of necessity, he used bed springs and beer keg rings to create resistance exercise equipment for those who were suffering from disease and injuries. These were the beginnings of equipment we use today like the reformer and magic circle. When he moved to New York, his method was embraced by dancers and since become known to the world as just Pilates.

What’s new at Studio Pilates?

We are rolling out more mat and small group equipment classes to help you take your training to the next level.  Check out our class schedule to find the current Athletic Pilates and Studio Pilates Mix classes.  Ready to get started?  Sign up now for your Complimentary 60-Minute Private Session with one of our talented classically certified Pilates instructors by emailing us at We look forward to working with you to set some goals, change your body, and help you fall in love with Pilates. We did and are ready to get you started!

*Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.  – Joseph Pilates

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Classes & Events

Classes We Love: Barefoot Strength


Members tell us that one of the best things about Studiomix is our huge variety of classes.  We know it’s important to cross-train, it’s fun to try new challenges, and it’s wise to listen to what your body needs every day.  So mix up your workout!  It’s good for you.

Barefoot Strength is a class we love!  Read on to find out why:

What is it?
Barefoot Strength is an intense and inspiring barefoot workout.  It’s a 60-minute flow that will get your heart pumping while improving your balance, strength, and flexibility.  It’s functional movement training, which means that your body will become stronger and smarter in ways that make every day life a little more fun.  The willPower Method was developed over a decade ago by Stacey Lei Krauss, Fitness Pro and Barefoot Education Advisor for VibramFiveFingers.  Studiomix is one of the only clubs in San Francisco to offer this program!  You can also find it in other cities across the country, as well as in the UK, Italy, and Sweden.  Read more about the willPower Method here.

Who’s it for?
Barefoot Strength is an incredibly versatile format and can be modified for just about anyone.  Every class offers options so you get what you need whether you’re new to fitness, preparing for competition, recovering from an injury, or simply looking to improve your overall health.  This is a mind-body class for people who want an efficient, comprehensive workout that leaves them feeling good from head to toe, and from the inside out.

What should I expect?
Each class starts by warming up the feet, then progresses to a series of squats and lunges that will get your blood flowing. The last 15 minutes are dedicated to stretching and balance.  Expect to sweat!  Most students, regardless of fitness level, report feeling sore for about 3 days after their first class (you’ve been warned).

Awesome!  When can I take it?
You can take Barefoot Strength with Ken on Friday nights at 6:15pm.  Check the schedule to confirm times and sign up!

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Classes & Events

Bulgarian Bag Basics at Studiomix

The Bulgarian Bag is a unique training and conditioning tool that is easy to learn but difficult to master. It has helped competitive athletes to novice fitness enthusiasts and everyone in between become more movement aware and physically efficient. Come learn how the Bulgarian Bag will help you excel in the sport, game or activity you love.

What can The Bulgarian Bag do for You?
Working with the Bulgarian Bag strengthens and increases the muscular endurance of the grip, wrists, arms, shoulders, back, legs, and rotational muscles. It also aids in building core musculature, coordination, and improving overall shoulder and joint mobility. Whether you are new to exercise or you have been athletically conditioned for years you will get a great workout.

Because of its shape, material and construction, Bulgarian Bags can be used to develop
quickness and agility in ways which solid iron weights and circuit machines cannot. Interested in how the Bulgarian Bag came to be? You can learn about it here.

In Studiomix classes, students learn the dynamic signature moves of the Bulgarian Bag: the spin, the snatch, the arm throw, the bag push-up and a variety of partner exercises.

45 Minute Classes
In our Thursday evening Bulgarian Bags class we discuss practical uses for this tool, correct movement patterning, and how it translates to efficiency in sport or life. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a competitive athlete or a coach, you will learn how to appropriately apply training with The Bag in a way that benefits you or your athletes most.

Additionally, you will learn the major dynamic movements of the Bulgarian Bag- spin, power snatch, arm throw, and push-up- as well as address mobility and modifications as needed.

There are physical and mental challenges in working with this tool- everyone in attendance will gain a greater appreciation for its difficulty and build camaraderie simultaneously. Bring some water and an open mind to your first Bulgarian Bag session. You have the option to make this a killer workout or a recovery between heavy lifting/ training days.

Be prepared to experiment with your physical and mental limits.

Are There Prerequisites?
No prerequisites required, just a willingness to try something challenging and new!


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