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Lasting Past Valentine’s Day

Lasting Past Valentine's Day


The year has started and so have lists of goals from pens on paper that we post on our freezers and bathroom mirrors. It’s usually the case that we find ourselves in more exercise classes, personal training sessions, and confrontations with nutritional labels at the grocery store during these early months of the New Year, whether in aims of finding a mate before Valentine’s Day or to find new reasons to fall in love with ourselves. There’s something innate to lifting objects in various ways and moving and shifting and bending our bodies that goes back to more physical lifestyles and civilizations unaccustomed to certified organic hot bars and OKCupid accounts. Tired of resenting our own sweat glands we make efforts to bring about a more taught and capable fleshy self, no longer the resultant mold from hours of seated labor and microwaved meals in pockets of dough.

This enthusiasm often lasts through January commitments to brighter, stretchy clothing that provides short term motivation by the illusion of racing stripes and reflective styling, accentuating the more aerodynamic points of our torsos, thighs, and hind parts. Through February the added incentive of attracting a mate of similar attractiveness pushes us through the 14th when our new found fitness is either consummated by enjoyable momentum in a new found relationship or some sweet lovin’ unfound during months of increased plumpness. From here the zeal to challenge our bodies and formed assumptions of what it is capable of very often falls off. It’s 2013 and I think a good year to break this habit.

Thousands of gym goers, perhaps millions, press too aggressively during these early months of the year and end up back where they started. Sure, the temptation of candied hearts, too much wine, and the inevitable miss in aim of unreachable V-day expectations for love and fitness are discouraging. The new flame towards a healthier and more lovable you, while burning brightly, all too often finds itself snuffed out before significant progress is made.

Start slow. Take a yoga class. Share an evening with yourself, a spoon of almond butter and a glass of wine before setting big dinner plans. Meditate. Decide to discover your own physical culture that lasts past Valentine’s Day. I think you’ll find more health and love that way.

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