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Aerial Silk 101

Aerial is a suspension training art form that you often see in shows like Cirque du Soleil. It requires courage and grace to master drops, slides, and rolls in the air. This 60 minute small group session is excellent for beginners or those looking to learn fundamental aerial skills, build total body strength, and increase overall flexibility. Work with a professional to become strong and comfortable on the silks even if you’ve never thought it possible.
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Aerial Silk Progressions

After you have mastered the basics in Aerial Silk 101, come refine your skills, learn new wraps, and push yourself higher in Aerial Silk Progressions. With personalized attention in this weekly small group practice session, you’ll learn new climbs and inspiring tricks. In addition to exploring more advanced maneuvers, gain confidence and assess your technique through individual photo coaching. All levels welcome and encouraged to attend regularly.
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