Barefoot Strength

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What is Barefoot Strength? 
Develop endurance, flexible strength, and range of motion through this inspiring barefoot cardio flow workout.

Barefoot Strength is a non-impact class, easy on the joints, yet delivers deep muscle engagement and a cardiovascular challenge. We work on balance, simultaneously integrating your core and the smaller muscles of your feet and ankles. The training in this class allows for greater agility enabling you to jump higher and land lighter. This multi-level workout meets you where you are, every time. Students are invited to go as deep into their workout as they desire, while increasing self-awareness. Become stronger, lighter, more integrated, and more confident in your body.

What to expect in Barefoot Strength
No need for equipment or mats, just show up. This class is a new challenge for athletes, but also great for beginners; it’s easy to follow along, and everyone is working at their own level. Your coach will guide you along the way, so you know where to go. Don’t be fooled by the name, this class is like ninja training for athletes.

What we are working

What to wear
Comfortable clothing that you can sweat in. No shoes needed!

Who is teaching
Ken Scott