Open Climb

After learning the basic necessities from Rock Climb 101, we invite you back to the studio to take advantage of our Open Climb sessions, designed as a fun and casual opportunity to practice and meet fellow climbers. Get in there, climb once, twice, ten minutes, or the entire hour, it’s your choice. Belay assistance is provided for the duration of the session.

Take the time you need, and find your own rhythm up the wall. Open Climb is a perfect chance to practice your skills in a supportive and friendly environment. This session does not include instruction, but there will be a belayer present so that you can climb at your heart’s desire.

What you’re working

What to expect
Our 40 ft molded wall has lots of holds, nooks, and crannies to practice and play. With beginner to advanced routes that change quarterly, you’ll always be challenged. Expect to make friends and cheer on your peers. All necessary equipment is provided; simply show up ready to climb!

What to wear
Comfortable clothing that allows you to move, covered knees recommended. Harness, ropes, and shoes provided.

Who is teaching
Jay Shipley
Ryan Swift

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