Boulder + Traverse 101

No ropes, just you and the wall. Bouldering and traversing are low elements requiring less equipment & experience getting you on the wall quickly. A great addition to any workout routine, this class builds stamina, increases balance, and improves your ability to read the holds & routes.

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Establish a strong foundation and build on it. Develop muscle mass or muscle tone during this focused, 60 minute weight training session in our Strength Studio. Read More »

Cardio Bootcamp

The perfect combination of cardio and conditioning with emphasis on working the core for one intense calorie burning workout. Special attention to form, alignment, and flexibility to give you the results you need.

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Cardio Combat

Gain agility, power, balance, and coordination in this high intensity session packed with Martial Arts combos and Peruvian cardio kickboxing drills. Come prepared to work hard, learn proper technique, and let out your inner warrior.  

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Dirrty Pop

Get down and dirrty in this fun dance workout. Feel like one of Rhianna’s backup dancers or toss your hair around like Britney’s crew, even if you’ve never danced before. Burn some calories, learn some choreographed moves, and have a blast in the meantime.

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Yin Yoga

The “counterpose” to the “yang” of modern life, Yin Yoga consists primarily of sitting or lying postures that aim to promote growth and deep relaxation, clear energetic blockages, enhance circulation, increase joint mobilization, and heal the body.

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