Lats + Arms

What is Lats + Arms?
A full 30 minute concentration on your upper half.

Get the most out of your time in this focused upper body workout. Many group classes are leg centric; take this intense 30 minute challenge to create symmetry. You will develop strength, increase bone density, improve posture, relieve back pain, and increase range of motion. This class-jam packs a grunt-inducing series of push ups, rows, and plyometrics.

What you’re working

What to expect in Lats + Arms
For optimal results you’ll learn to feel comfortable taking your muscles to fatigue. Expect to feel the burn executing high repetitions using various tools such as dumbbells, body bars, medicine balls, and gliders. Your instructor will ask that you go “all-in” to maximize the half hour.

What to wear
Comfortable clothing that you can sweat in

Who is teaching
Ben Daniels

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