Aerial Silk

Aerial is a suspension training and an art form that you often see in shows like Cirque du Soleil. Using aerial silks in this 60 minute small group session, you’ll learn fundamental aerial skills, build total body strength, and increase overall flexibility. Work with a professional to become strong and comfortable in the air even if you’ve never thought it possible. Form-fitting clothes that cover your legs and no zippers or jewelry are a must.

$25 per class, space limited to 4 people

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Open Climb

After learning the safety necessities from Rock Climb 101, we invite you back to the studio to take advantage of our open climb sessions. Designed as a fun and casual opportunity to practice and meet fellow climbers. Get in there, climb once, twice, ten minutes or the entire hour, it’s your choice. Belay assistance is provided for the duration of the session.

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Yin Yoga

The “counterpose” to the “yang” of modern life, Yin Yoga consists primarily of sitting or lying postures that aim to promote growth and deep relaxation, clear energetic blockages, enhance circulation, increase joint mobilization, and heal the body.

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