RESULTS FOR: Prepare & Restore

Aerial Silk

Aerial is a suspension training and an art form that you often see in shows like Cirque du Soleil. Using aerial silks in this 60 minute small group session, you’ll learn fundamental aerial skills, build total body strength, and increase overall flexibility. Work with a professional to become strong and comfortable in the air even if you’ve never thought it possible. Form-fitting clothes that cover your legs and no zippers or jewelry are a must.

$25 per class, space limited to 4 people

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Boulder + Traverse 101

No ropes, just you and the wall. Bouldering and traversing are low elements requiring less equipment & experience getting you on the wall quickly. A great addition to any workout routine, this class builds stamina, increases balance, and improves your ability to read the holds & routes.

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Rock Climb 101

Rock Climb 101 is a must for first time climbers and members. You will leave feeling confident to climb independently and safely on top rope routes. This course is also highly recommended for those who want to take their climbing from an experience to a conditioning practice. An entirely instructional course, climbing will be encouraged after the class; please plan accordingly.

$40 per class, $30 for members
Space limited to 6 people, minimum of 2
24 hour notice required to reschedule your reservation for this class.

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Yin Yoga

The “counterpose” to the “yang” of modern life, Yin Yoga consists primarily of sitting or lying postures that aim to promote growth and deep relaxation, clear energetic blockages, enhance circulation, increase joint mobilization, and heal the body.

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