Ashtanga Short Form

Ashtanga yoga appeals to those who like a sense of order, discipline, and strength in postures. Focus on breath, presence, and muscular endurance as you master the poses. In each basics class we’ll dive into a select portion of the Ashtanga series.

The Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method has a strong specific aesthetic and is practiced as a moving mediation by linking breath, posture, and drishti (focal points). Ashtanga is generally well-accepted by our bodies in the morning, as it allows a structured regimen through repetition- after a while, it becomes automatic. Unlike a traditional Ashtanga class, our format gives you the opportunity to explore the series in manageable bite-sized pieces.

What you’re working

What to expect
Expect to breathe, focus, and master the asanas. Ujjayi breathing is a hallmark of this system and is now also taught in many non-Ashtanga styles of practice. Your instructor will ask you to be present and in your body as deep mental focus and a quiet mind are the goal. There is a no-nonsense approach where fidgeting, daydreaming, or talking are unacceptable. Ashtanga is about being present and aware. In this class you’ll learn to connect your breath with your body and movement. Our morning Ashtanga will leave you feeling at peace; the repetition a welcome calm to starting the day invigorated.

What to wear
Bare feet and comfortable, tight clothing that you can easily move in

Who is teaching
Cecily Guest

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